CFA Classes in Mumbai: Clear CFA in 1st Attempt

CFA an abbreviation for Chartered Financial Analyst is one of the most sought after degree for people planning to make a career in finance. For gaining this prestigious degree, you have to cross three exams. Don’t fret! There are many people who can help you in this and if you are in Mumbai, here are some CFA Classes in Mumbai that can help you gain this degree, one of them being

Scope as a CFA:

Today CFA course in India is considered as the highest standard of professional excellence. If you are someone who wishes to get placed in an elite company like Finacial Big Fours, then all it would take is passing the rigorous exams starting from CFA Level 1 and confirming your mastery. This certification ensures that you are equipped with hands-on knowledge in the investment industry. To build a remarkable reputation among your clients, employers or colleagues, you have to commit to ethical behavior and proficiency at work. Therefore, being a CFA charter will uplift your credibility in the eyes of clients and colleagues.

Benefits from a Company Perspective:

Companies are on the lookout for people who are infused with asset-management skills, can formulate investment strategies and perform investment analysis. Since MBA’s are only exposed to non-financial subjects like marketing, human resources, organizational behavior and others, lack of financial planning has become a great concern. In order to fill that gap, CFA Program came up with comprehensive and exhaustive exams dedicated to prepare individuals entirely to carve a Finance Career path.

Positions in the professional field:

Everyone who is already in Finance field or wishing to switch their careers can choose from a myriad of job roles like as follows:

  • Portfolio managers
  • Private bankers
  • Fund of fund managers
  • Financial advisor
  • Relationship manager
  • Financial strategists.
  • MBA’s and CA’s can join CFA to get into core investment banking jobs.


FinArc (CFA Classes in Mumbai): How we do it!

1. Conceptual Learning

We believe in making each student understand a concept rather than letting them mug up a solution. A better way of retaining information and if the concepts are clear the student can also use it in practical learnings.

2. Full-Length Mocks

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ adhering to this, we provide mock exams for students. It is as similar to what will they do when they have to give a final mock on the same.

3. Personal Attention

Each student is different and special and has different way of understanding each concept. Thus unlike traditional means, we believe in focusing on every student and give each of them personal attention towards solving their problems.

4. Online Videos

Technology is what running the world, we are among the few CFA Classes in Mumbai that provide the students with online videos that are easy to understand and covers the subject completely.

5. Analytical Learning

We believe in smart learning and thus have adapted analytical learning for the same.

6. Mind Maps

Every mind is unique but every mind deciphers mind maps easily. We are privileged to be among them

7. Doubt Solving

Level ILevel IILevel III
Ethical and Professional Standards1510-1510-15
Quantitative Methods 125-100
Economics 105-105-15
Financial Reporting and Analysis 2015-200
Corporate Finance 75-150
Equity Investments 1015-255-15
Fixed Income 1010-2010-20
Derivatives 55-155-15
Alternative Investments 45-105-15
Portfolio Management 75-1040-45
SpecificsLevel ILevel IILevel III
Exam DateJune & December JuneJune
1st Session (9.00-12.00)120 MCQ10 Sets 12 Essays
2nd Session (14.00-17.00)120 MCQ10 Sets 10 Sets
GradingPercentile Percentile Percentile
Exam ResultJuly & JanuaryJulyAugust
Passing Criteria40-44%44*48%50-54%

CFA Level 1

Take one step ahead in achieving your goal of being a Chartered Financial Analyst and help people with your portfolio management skills combined with your practical knowledge. We help you clear your first step towards this degree known as CFA Level 1.

CFA Level 2

As you clear your Level 1, enhance your profile become one step closer to becoming a certified Chartered Financial Analyst. At Finarc, we help you sail through Level 2 of CFA with a complete breeze.

Advanced Excel

Uncover the hidden talents of Microsoft Excel with Finarc. Learn what Microsoft Excel can help you achieve great heights in finance industry with the help of our experts.

Financial Modelling

Master the art of building an abstract representation (a model) of a real-world financial situation. Enhance your knowledge and create a world to help organizations analyze the performance of their financial asset or portfolio of a business, project, or any other investment.

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